Exaltation of elegance and vitality

Galeone Plus was designed to allow restaurants to keep and display crustaceans in full view, alive and healthy until needed for sale. Galeone Plus features modern and elegant styling, with attention dedicated to even the smallest details.
The curved double-glazed front panel allows customers to pleasantly admire the seafood displayed in the desired aquatic habitat. The tank bottom finished with resin-bonded coralline sand and an attractive rock feature releasing a lively stream of oxygenation into the water create a fascinating visual effect, further enhanced by LED illumination to highlight the colours and appeal of the seafood displayed.
The curved wooden panelling, chromed steel trims and two side windows give Galeone Plus even greater elegance.

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The efficient and functional technical equipment installed beneath the tank ensures easy operation and only minimum maintenance. The dimensions and surface finishes of the tank can be modified to satisfy customer requests.
Galeone is an alternative to Galeone Plus, and like this model can also be customized in its dimensions, forms and surface finishes.
The double-glazed display tank is rectangular, with curved wooden edgings and a contoured wooden support. The final result is an attractive and practical furnishing element that ensures a strikingly attractive visual appeal.

  • Technical characteristics:
    Double-glazed display tank curved at the front and rear
    Panelled wooden structure curved at the front and rear, support structure in tubular stainless steel, window edgings and trims in chromed steel
    Cooling unit with, titanium evaporator and digital thermostat
    Pump with low power consumption
    Ultraviolet sterilization unit with Teflon tubes
    LED lighting
    Perlon wool prefilter
    Hyperactive carbon cylinder filter
    Biological filter with Lithothamnium calcareum algae
    Plumbing system compliant with legal standards
    Water oxygenation system, silent and uniform
    Electrical system compliant with IP55 standards

  • Optional accessories:
    Customizable surface finishes on the Galeone Plus model
  • Standard accessory kit:
    2 x 20 kg packs of synthetic sea salt specific for crustaceans;
    1 hydrometer;
    1 scoop net;
    1 bottle of bacteria;
    1 crustacean grip;
  • Dimensions and storage capacity:
    Dimensions: 1650x690xh1580 
    Storage: 25 kg common lobsters or 15 kg spiny lobsters

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