Simple styling for essential quality

Essential is the ideal seafood tank for fishmongers and restaurants wanting to offer customers all the sea's freshness and flavour directly, with products kept alive and healthy in the marine habitat it reproduces.
A successful system that combines quality and functionality with a limited economic investment.
Essential is easy to operate and requires only minimum maintenance, and can be customized in dimensions and surface finishes.

  • Technical characteristics:
    Power supply: 230 V
    One-piece cooling unit with titanium coil and digital display thermostat
    Support structure in satin-finished 316 stainless steel
    Double-glazed tank
    Corners in satin-finished 316 stainless steel
    Perlon wool prefilter
    Active carbon cylinder filter
    Biological filter with Lithothamnium calcareum algae
    Plumbing system compliant with legal standards
    Water aeration/oxygenation system, silent and uniform throughout tank
    Electrical system compliant with IP55 standards

  • Optional fittings
    LED lighting
    Steel and nylon wheels
    Edging trims in polished steel
    Ultraviolet sterilization unit with Teflon tubes
    Customizable dimensions
  • Dimensions and storage capacity :
    Dimensions: mm 1000x500x1400 h 
    Storage: 10 kg common lobsters
  • Standard accessory kit:
    1 x 20 kg pack of synthetic sea salt specific for crustaceans;
    1 hydrometer;
    1 scoop net;
    1 bottle of bacteria;
    1 crustacean grip;

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