Style that makes a difference

Particularly suitable for premium restaurants and fishmongers, Oltremare is a seafood tank that highlights the excellence of the products it contains in the best possible way, kept alive and healthy and displayed in a unit with soft styling lines, excellent finishes and LED lighting to draw attention to the colours and movements of products. 

The double-glazed tank is protected and enhanced by painted PVC edgings, and the robust support structure in tubular stainless has PVC panelling and two removable doors.
Oltremare can be customized in its dimensions, forms and colours, and is fitted with extremely efficient technical equipment. Easy to operate, it requires only minimum maintenance, has a low power consumption and operates in maximum silence.

  • Technical characteristics:
    Power supply: 230 V
    One-piece cooling unit with titanium coil and digital display thermostat
    Support structure in stainless steel, panelling in painted PVC
    Double-glazed tank
    Tank frame in painted PVC
    LED lighting
    Perlon wool prefilter
    Active carbon cylinder filter
    Biological filter with Lithothamnium calcareum algae
    Plumbing system with PVC pipes
    Water aeration system silent and uniform throughout tank
    Electrical system compliant with IP55 standards

  • Optional fittings
    Ultraviolet sterilization unit with Teflon tubes
    Trolley protection handle in polished steel
    Stainless steel and nylon wheels
    Group of synthetic rocks

  • Dimensions and storage capacity:
    Dimensions: 1300x530xh780+700 mm
    Storage: 12 kg common lobsters

  • Standard accessory kit:
    1 x 20 kg pack of synthetic sea salt specific for crustaceans;
    1 hydrometer;
    1 scoop net;
    1 bottle of bacteria;
    1 crustacean grip;

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