Blu Line
The sea at your finger tips, in plain view

Freshly caught molluscs, alive and well for all to see, in a marine habitat recreated in tanks in which the water is uniformly and silently oxygenated.
The new Blue Line aquarium uses Italian design and technology to maximize the freshness, quality and aroma of the product. The double glazed tank has separate, individual compartments that allow the display area to be sub-divided in various ways.
With a beautiful visual effect the oxygenated water rises from the bottom, passing through and cleansing the molluscs, and overflows into the “water to be treated” collection channel. The water then flows through the pre-filtration, filtration, sterilization and cooling systems, purifying it for a new oxydizing cycle. Blue Line technology ensures energy efficiency, easy use and minimal maintenance.
Tanks can be designed to customer specifications, with variations in the color of the glass, the finishes and the size and number of the compartments, to satisfy all commercial needs.
Everything is designed to present the product in the best possible way, the LED lighting at the upper edge of the protective plexiglass screen are just one example.
The sea at your finger tips right in front of your clients' eyes.

  • Technical Specifications
    Double glazed glass tank in the color of your choice (RAL colors)
    Base designed to personal specifications
    “Venturi effect” water oxydizing system
    Efficient magnetic pump
    Biological filter with Lithothamnium Calcareum seaweed
    Active carbon filter
    UV sterilization unit with Teflon tubing
    Ecological gas refrigeration unit with titanium evaporator and digital display thermostat
    Electric system with fire resistant cables

  • Option LED lighting
    Protective plexiglass screen
  • Dimensions and storage capacity:
    Dimensions of the presentation version: mm 1800x800x1070h
    Each compartment contains 12-15 kg of product
  • Standard accessory kit:
    2 x 20 kg packs of synthetic sea salt specific for crustaceans;
    1 hydrometer;
    1 scoop net;
    1 bottle of bacteria;

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Blu Line

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