Post sale


The true value of a system or product can be assessed only and above all from the reliability that it offers over time, long after the original purchase.
Not only during the guarantee period, but also later.
And value also depends on the quality and cost of the assistance services received, both on a regular basis for routine maintenance and for emergency repairs if ever needed.

This is the real value of a system: the value of the investment over time, combined with many years of lower overall operating and maintenance costs.

Tecno Impianti International has always invested in this vital added value, aiming above all to offer:

-    absolute reliability and efficiency of its products
-    maximum transparency
-    minimum costs for any parts to be replaced
-    rapid solutions for all technical problems

Transparency and cost reductions
Every time one of our technicians makes a visit to work on a system, we always ask for the presence of a customer's representative, so that the quality and rapidity of the work done can be directly confirmed.
We always leave a worksheet with a detailed description of the work carried out and any replacement parts fitted.
Our constant aim is to ensure all technical and economic advantages in favour of the customer. Without sudden surprises.

Telephone and online assistance
Tecno Impianti International is always at your disposal, thanks to its telephone and online assistance services. Our technicians give real-time answers to all customer questions, and if you send us a video or photographs we'll be able to understand even better and more quickly what the problem is, providing you with solutions to ensure the correct operation of your system. Or reassure you if there isn't actually a problem. And only if really necessary, we can arrange an emergency visit or programme special maintenance for the near future.

Programmed assistance
All our systems are designed and constructed to give years of trouble-free service, and they require only minimum maintenance. In particular, we recommend programmed assistance on an annual basis, at an extremely reasonable price and with just one visit a year, to keep your system in conditions of perfect efficiency. In any event, the frequency of our programmed assistance visits is something we always agree on with customers.

Combined assistance
For customers preferring not to take advantage of our programmed maintenance services, we can offer always offer a convenient alternative for the maintenance of their systems, with our combined assistance service.
Whenever we receive a request for a visit from another customer in your area, we can contact you. These means you can benefit from our services at an extremely convenient price, sharing our transfer costs with other customers near you.

Skill and experience
Every time you call us for help with your system, you can benefit from all the skill and experience of the same technicians who contributed to the design and construction of the system you bought from us. This means maximum precision and maximum expertise.

Spare parts warehouse
Tecno Impianti International can supply you with the part or accessory you need urgently at any time. This is because we've created a warehouse fully stocked with all parts and accessories used in the construction of our systems. In most cases, this means we'll be able to promptly satisfy your requests for parts and accessories within 48 hours.

Customer satisfaction
Our main aim is always to achieve total customer satisfaction.
This is why we monitor customers with aftersales interviews, so we can receive immediate feedback. In fact, we make the greatest possible effort to listen to the opinions, ideas and advice of customers who've chosen the technology and experience of Tecno Impianti International.
The results are invariably flattering – customer satisfaction levels are always very high, and this helps us to work harder every day to offer you the true value of maximum quality.